Thursday, June 7, 2012

Special circumstances

If I were in the business of "naming and shaming" my least favourite stops on Hunts - which I'm not - there are a couple I would care to nominate, right now.

Oddly, neither one has done anything technically wrong - they aren't late putting stuff out, their Hunt items are within a reasonable distance of the sign and the starting point, their clues (while uninspiring) are there... they are both playing it strictly by the book.

Except, both of them have massive amounts of lag.

And it is predictable that they will have massive amounts of lag - there are factors at work, in both cases, which put a strain on sim and viewer alike.  I would detail what those are, but that'd probably let other hunters identify the stores, and I said I wouldn't do that.  But let's consider, shall we, the stuff that might cause this?  Lots of information - massive, massive texture files, for instance.  And lots of scripting.  And, sometimes, combinations of both, like temp-rezzers for complicated objects.  All of this can have a drastic effect on SL's performance, reducing even adequate computers to a slow crawl, and causing mine to drop me to a frame rate of 0.4, and then crash.

So... yes, these guys are playing by the rules, technically.  But, y'know, if your store is going to hammer visitors' viewers just by virtue of existing... you might want to consider cutting the hunters a little more slack!

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