Thursday, June 21, 2012

More birthday-ing

A few more photos from around and about SL9B... some of them from exhibits where I have a particular interest.

I could, of course, have done a tour in style - they have those little touring pods that I've seen at previous celebrations....

But it's not just the smallish individual plots, fun though many of them are - there are other big eye-catching sights, besides the cake centrepiece and the big stage I showed yesterday.  Here, for example, is the main reception area.
So far, so basic-SL-like - but if you wander out, there are more big and spectacular builds around.  Trudging through a shallow lake, for example, leads you to the lotus stage...
And, if you venture down to the south-east corner, you find the orderly array of square plots suddenly vanish into a desert landscape, complete with ancient ruins.
Seriously, you do have to be impressed by the amount of creativity that's gone into this.  Oh, and, of course, it gets to be remembered.... here are the time capsules which have been a feature of the birthday events.
Here's hoping SL and I are both around for more of these to come!

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