Friday, August 17, 2012


I'm unlikely to be posting all that much in the near future...

The obvious reason is, I am just getting back into SL and will need to spend time catching up with stuff, and therefore actually doing said stuff rather than talking about it.

But the real reason is, as I look at the evening news and see soaring petrol prices, show trials of dissidents in Moscow, police gunning down miners in South Africa, and the search going on for the Moors Murderers' last victim... the real reason is clearly that somebody has wound the universe's clock back to about 1970, and therefore the Internet has not yet been invented.

If you are reading this, welcome to the temporal paradox.  Goodnight.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bloodied but still unbowed, sort of

Apparently, "I've fallen and I can't get up" was something deeply hilarious, a few years back.  I never quite got why it was so funny, myself, and having just had my mother in precisely that position, I find it even less amusing than I did to start with.  I'm sure it's just my defective sense of humour, of course.

The fun thing is, I wrenched my back at one stage, lifting her, and was darn near in the same condition myself.

So my activities have been severely curtailed, lately, not just online! - But things improve.  I am able to sit and type comfortably for short periods, and my mother was fit enough yesterday to go to a funeral (not her own). 

They say these things come in threes, don't they?  First a badger eats a junction box and puts my connection out of action (or whatever it was), then my mother's fall, now my back.  Well, hopefully, that is three over and done with and I can get back to normal.... and, once RL is properly sorted out, I can address the SL commitments which have been piling up!

(Neither of us is in any real danger, I hasten to add.  Just massively inconvenienced, and, in my case, slightly woozy still from codeine.)

Anyway, there we are.  Or aren't.  As the case may be.