Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another "not dead yet" post...

Nor is my mother, but there have been more medical alarums and excursions... I really do hope things settle down a bit; one way and another, it has been one hell of a summer.

Anyway.  I'm still around.  With luck, more so, soon.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Steam Hunt 7 is on

... and, of course, I am on it.  Taking it at a leisurely pace, so far, but I'm on it.

What's more, this time, I am in it - shop number 106 on the list is my little one in Steam SkyCity.  After last month's alarums and excursions, I am more than a little relieved to have got things done in time! - and, in fact, it turned into a mad scramble the day before the Hunt started, and I'd never have managed it if it hadn't been for Tali's unstinting help and support.  She really is wonderful.

Anyway.  I have no idea if this will Put Me On The Map as an SL merchant and have hordes of people beating a path to my door... but I was in one of the Hunt shops, the other day, and a fellow hunter came up to me and said how much she'd liked my little place.  I was quite unreasonably chuffed about that one.

Meanwhile, I'm working through the rest of the Hunt shops, and it will be a while till I get to my own place.  So far, Epic Toy Factory has been Epic as usual, while one place is providing a Martian war machine that positively made my mouth water.  Everybody should have a war machine.