Friday, June 15, 2012

Bringing home the bacon: Silk Road 3, part 1

Here we go with the gifties from the Silk Road 3 Hunt proper.  Or possibly improper.  I don't know, I haven't opened them all yet.

001 Imperial Gardens - Chinese House by Perryn Peterson.  Well, it is undoubtedly a house, and inarguably Chinese - and a handsome building too!  Nice one.
002 Pop Tart & Urban Assault - "Egyptian Offering" necklace (regular and petite sizes).  Gold, with finely crafted scarabs.
003 ~Lantian~ - Water Garden w/Bonsai & Pagoda. Cute decorative piece.  I like the dinky little red pagoda rather inordinately!

004 McMinnar's Oddments - texture pack.  Wallpapers.  Well, one always needs wallpaper!
005 Crazy Cake Creations - "crystal lotus" and "Lotus pad"; a picture and a lotus-shaped sit-upon-and-meditate gizmo.  Fun, in their way.

In the Chinese House, on the Lotus pad, beside the Crystal Lotus, in front of the Water Garden w/Bonsia & Pagoda

006 22769 - Mesh Kurta (shirt kinda thing) for men and bangles for women.  The bangles are nice enough, though (since they're sort of ordinary bangle-shaped) both Tali and I wondered: why mesh?  Since mesh clothes for women don't fit me too well, I never tried the mesh clothing for men.  My loss, I'm sure.

Wearing th PT&UA necklace and 22769 bangles

007 Tipsters - "Fortune Panda" tip jar.  Since Tipsters specialize in tip jars, this was kind of predictable.  Cute panda, though!

008 Moondance Boutique - Prim fingernails  ("Round Medium TAH French") That probably means something to people who wear prim nails, which I don't, much!  They look OK, I think - but of course I'm no expert.
009 Imaginoirium - Shinto table set.  Neat enough looking stool, table, incense burner.
010 Roawenwood - "Dance of the Almeh" seating area.  Rugs and cushions and stuff for sitting and/or dancing on.  Looks lovely in the publicity photo - so much so, in fact, I didn't try rezzing a no-copy coalesced object with SL acting iffy on me!

Seated at the Shinto Table (wearing the prim nails, though I guess that's not so easy to see), next to the box for the "Dance of the Almeh".

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