Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bringing home the bacon: Silk Road 3, part 11 and last

One last push to the end of the Hunt!

111 Dax Designs - male and female outfits.  Silks for the ladies; well, it is my colour, but I can't help feel it's a bit draughty!  As a bonus, includes a no-copy pose stand, which kind of mystifies me.

112 Aster's Builts - AM Afternoon Tea and Massage Parlour.  Aster's unfortunately closed part-way through the hunt, but this is at least something to remember them by.  It's two rooms with a sort of courtyard in between... the rooms are, well, exactly what it says on the tin.  Looks good enough.  And at least I seem to be dressed for it.

113 Dragon's Designs- Kokeshi.  Which baffled me nicely when I saw it in my inventory, but this is, it seems, a miniature tea house, complete with miniature patrons, and even a boat.  I'm not sure why the tea house needs a boat, unless there is a really huge amount of tea around.  But it is cute and little and decorative, anyway.

114 Leila's Closet - White Sundress.  I'm sure the gentlemen look perfectly fetching in it too.  Anyway, it is white and flowing and generally warmer than the dancing silks.

115 ezura Xue - "Dragon" back tattoo (unisex) and a "Dragon" mini camisole for the ladies.  And perfectly fine they are, too.  OK, that flexi skirt is going to need some adjustment, but that's my own fault for having such narrow hips.

116 Gugu Dada - light red lipstick and (unisex) back tattoo.  Makeup specialists Gugu Dada rarely disappoint.  My only problem is the time it's taking to change back tattoos!  But that's my own fault, too.  The lipstick is kind of, well, just lipstick, so here's the photo of the back tattoo.

117 Glimmer Moon Warehouse - Downton bedside lamp.  Was Downton Abbey on the Silk Road?  Should I ask questions like that?  In both cases, the answer is "probably not".  But anyway.  Pretty lamp.

118 Cero Style - "Arthur" and "Edith" outfits.  Arthur looks dead butch; the photo, however, is of Edith.  She looks rather mediaeval peasant chic to me, rather as if tankards of ale are in her job description.  Which is no bad thing really.

119 Sparkworks/Changeling Moon - Lantern Skybox.  Another nice skybox, this time in sort of hot-air-balloon form.  I could set up a stack of skyboxes a mile high, now, I think.  It's a nice one, you wouldn't expect different from SparkWorks.

120 Fantasy China - four gifts here, a large Chinese House, a sculpted Chinese Gate, an ancient Chinese hairstyle, presumably for the ladies, and a non-ancient Harley Davidson for the gentlemen.  I think (for once) the gentlemen are getting the better deal here!  But it's a nice little package, all told.

121 Dark Vision - Oriental Pavilion with Male and Female Chairs.  And very pavilion-y it is, too, and the chairs are definitely on the nice side.  Black and gold lacquer and red cushions, all very dramatic.

122 Park Place Home Decor - Silk Road Accent Chairs and Footstool.  These are rather tasteful, actually - much more Victorian drawing room than Imperial throne room!  It's as well to be ready for anything.  You never know when you're going to need to take tea with the vicar, or sentence a rebellious provincial governor to death by the bowstring.  Got to have the right furniture for each occasion!

123 Arkenstone Fantasy Furniture - Gold Kapour Rug.  Actually, I like a good decorative rug.  Very handy, low-prim way to brighten up an otherwise boring floor.  Rugs are good.

124 Mimsy Manor - GreenTEAHouse.  Oh, the ambiguities there!  It is green, so it is a green tea house.  But is it also a house for drinking green tea?  And it is also a greenhouse, so is it a greenhouse for tea?  A green green tea teahouse house, in fact?  My head is a whirl... which, I suspect, is the idea.  In any case, it's a nice thing.

125 had to drop out.  Personally I am glad of the breather, and I took advantage to go back to being blonde.
126 TRIDENT - Bukhara Carpet Set.  Positively an embarrassment of riches on the carpet front.  I've rezzed what I hope is a representative selection, red and orange, rolled and... not.   So, then.  Carpets.

127 Crazy Amazons - Mongolian House.  Too big and permanent to be a yurt, but modelled on a yurt nonetheless.  Yurt yurt yurt.  If you have to house a Mongolian, this is undoubtedly what you need.

128 Elemental Jewelry - Silk Road Necklace (m and f versions, natch).  Rather nice, simple, silver and amber design with a basic neck cord.  Simple is good.  Can't say I turn my nose up at silver and amber, either.

129 Kastle Rock Couture - Shanghai Mesh Skirt and Tank set (Dragonfly), and some furniture for the gentlemen who won't look so hot in a mesh skirt.  Only two sizes for the mesh, "average" and "curvy" - for obvious reasons (no hips, remember?) I went "average".  The results aren't, actually, bad at all!  Best off-the-peg mesh I've had yet.  The four-person low-slung table is nice enough, too.

130 USC Textures - "Worn Silk" texture pack.  Texture packs are always welcome, especially USC ones.  I have lost count of how many USC textures I have welcomed, in fact!  These will come in handy, have no doubt about that.
131 - another dropout, another chance for Glorf to take a breather!
132 Morigi Steam - Simple Ninjato.  Sword, with an impressive number of combat-system options built in.  Looks good, too.  Morigi Steam seldom disappoints.

133 Axo's - Chinese Style Room Divider.  Sculpty thing with built-in texture change, a good one for dividing rooms in style.  We are doing well for room dividers in this hunt, I think... of course, we have racked up no small number of rooms to divide, too.

134 Czari's Attic - Moghul Indian Pavilion, with Individual Furnishings yet (i.e. as individual chunks rather than a single monolithic build).  Well, this is nice!  Somewhere to loll in sybaritic Eastern splendour.  I like lolling.  I could loll all day given half a chance.

135 Peterson Galleries - Chinese fan.  Display piece, and a very fine and decorative display piece it is too.

And that's it.  End of the Hunt.  No more hunting posts! - at least until the next Steam Hunt, which I think is in September... and oh yes, there is Sinister Steam 2 coming up in July... OK, possibly not quite the last hunting post, then.

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