Monday, June 18, 2012

Bringing home the bacon: Silk Road 3, part 3

021 Tea House Treasures - Asian/Pani tea set.  Basically all you need for a little tea for two, including cushions, a mat, a table for your teapot and tea cups, and a couple of additional props (chest and folding screen).  It looks nice.  The cushions threw script errors at me when I rezzed them, but that might just have been the sim acting up, they worked just fine when I sat on them.
Tea (House Treasures) for Two

022 Aki-Kimono - Japanese tattoo (tattoo and undershirt layer versions).  It's all very decorative and splendid if you are into Japanese tattoos.  (You don't get to see all of it, I don't know you that well.)

023 Nightingale's Design - Garden House.  Simple, effective, rather sweet.  Comes with a bonus rock garden and a couple of other goodies that I didn't actually rez.  But I'm sure they're nice!

024 Always Eclectic - Jade Necklace (for ladies) or Pendant (for gents).  Unfortunately, this one's broken - the sculpted necklace chain part of it just comes up as a blob.  The rest of it is OK, though, rather pretty in fact.  But there's not much point me putting up a picture of it until it gets fixed.
025 M&M Deco - Beanbag Silkroad.  Well, if you want something comfy to sit on... this is just fine.

026 [CIRCA] Living - Japanese Litter. Not, I hasten to add, used Japanese sweet wrappers and Coke cans or something like that, another sort of litter entirely, the sort of one that's a box you sit in and people carry you around. In point of fact, this is described as a prop, meaning no real chance of a crew of husky bearers materializing when you sit in it. Never mind, it's pretty enough that it doesn't have to be useful.
Not an empty Coke can

027 House of Byzantine - Syrian Ivory Inlay texture pack.  Well, by now we all know about me and texture packs, right?  I'm damn sure I can find a good use for some Syrian Ivory Inlay.
028 Never Ever - Silk necktie.  Resizeable silk necktie, in a bright and cheerful shade.  Looks a bit eccentric with that outfit, I admit, but I reckon I could carry it off if I wanted to! - It would look pretty smart in another context, I bet.

029 Panda Panda - Confucius Fortune Teller.  This is a sort of decorated kiosk thing that gives you an edifying and meaningful notecard when you click on it.  When I tried it, it told me "Without an acquaintance with the rules of propriety, it is impossible for the character to be established."  Which I wouldn't dream of arguing with.  So there.

030 Luminous Designs - Funeral Kimono (male and female versions).  I always thought white was the colour for mourning in Japan, but since I've never technically been further east than Clacton-on-Sea, I cannot really claim to be an authority here.  Anyway.  This thing looks sedate, distinguished and voluminous, any or all of which can be good things.

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