Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bringing home the bacon: Silk Road 3, part 4

I've been neglecting this!  Largely because of SL9B, and building, and pontificating, and other stuff.  I'd better get my skates on, hadn't I?

031 Rowena Paine's Junque - Desert campsite.  Lots and lots of handy furniture and landscapy bits. I've rezzed most, but not all of them, for the piccy - this is undoubtedly quality stuff, and I think it needs better than an empty Premium sandbox to show it off.
A Bedouin campsite springs up in Sandbox Exemplar, courtesy of Rowena Paine's Junque

032 Mountain Rose Village - oh boy, loads of stuff!  Starting with a magic carpet, a camel... and going on to the various components of the substantial Arabian Nights palace on display at the Hunt location.  Seriously, this is a substantial haul all by itself, Mountain Rose Village has done the Hunt proud!  I have rezzed only a small sample of the offerings for this photo - the whole palace demands a better treatment than I can give it in one blog post.
Just a small selection of the goodies from Mountain Rose Village

033 Kismet - The Spice Trader.  Ornamental jars and sacks of spices and suchlike, in a linked set, or as individual pieces. A neat enough piece of set decoration, and the textures are beautifully done.
Glorf Bulmer, Spice girl

034 Fort Weka - The Round House folly. Nice looking little building with Captain Weka's typical good taste and attention to detail.
Now that is my kind of folly

035 Build Better at Happy Hippo - texture pack with five artistic pieces.  Nice, if maybe of fairly specialized use!  Certainly pretty, though.
036 [noctis] - Miss Wu's cabinet.  Decorative oriental "curiosity cabinet", supplied as a single set or in individual components; part mesh and all very detailed in build and texture.  Stylish!
Curiosity cabinet.  Keep away from cats!

037 Rainy Fey Creations - "Chinese Dragon" male and female outfits.  Obligatory disclaimer as to Nyree Rain being a personal friend, here... but it pays to be friends with talented creators, you know.  Nice, simple, effective outfit, and in my favourite colour, too.
038 Zaro Emporium - Japanese Floor Lamp.  Straightforward design, straighforward touch on/off light operation, straightforwardly OK piece!
Floor lamp

039 Amethyst's Accessories - texture pack and Royal Jade Fly Whisk.  The fly whisk is a neat enough personal accessory, though it's not big enough to swat most SL pests!  The jade cabochon jewelry textures are specialized, but very nice - if you have the urge to make jade cabochon jewelry, these will come in handy!

Wearing (037) the Chinese Dragon outfit, wielding (039) the Royal Jade Fly Whisk

040 Starchild Designs - "TAKARA" Japanese house.  Another of that sad class of "lovely buildings I will never personally use because I am arrogant enough to prefer building my own".  Why can't the Japanese houses in the Linden Homes regions look as nice as this?  Eh?
The Takara house

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