Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bringing home the bacon: Silk Road 3, part 5

Yes, this is me, getting my skates on.

041 Be Happy! - "Queen Green" outfit.  Which I am not modelling, or at least, not on this blog.  You will have to content yourselves with the publicity shot, and frankly I'm not too sure about that!
If you look very closely, you see she's not topless.

042 Griss' General Store - Silk Road Lamp.  Another one of Griss's rather typical high-detail, high-quality, functional pieces.  Rather more decorative, in fact, than their usual homespun-and-homely stuff!  A good looking little lamp, in fact.
Perfectly nice lamp

043 Snow Bound - Floor Cushion, Slave Cushion, and Paper Lanterns.  I suspect the Floor and Slave Cushions differ only in the (ahem) style of animations available - looks nice enough, anyway.  And the Paper Lanterns would enliven an outdoor scene, I think.
Curled up on the Floor Cushion, by the Paper Lanterns... the snow effects come with the packaging

044 Dreamer Designs - Rickshaw.  Decorative, rather than functional, full-size rickshaw, with turning wheels, even.  Looks good, would only require a few changes to be fully practical...
Rickshaw with turning wheels

045 Bedizen - hookah and pillows.  Furniture, with a nice selection of custom animations in those inviting-looking colourful pillows.
Happy hookah

046 Steampunk and Tesla - selection of Asian furniture.  I've rezzed some of it for this shot, it looks just fine.  For some reason, the "Japanese wooden floor" has rezzed sideways.  Well, that's SL for you, I suspect.
Furniture selection, some of it sideways

047 - There is no number 047.  Someone signed up, but had to drop out before the hunt started.  It happens, that's life.
048 Hearth & Home - Asian Peace Arch.  Another neat enough piece of outdoor furniture.  Actually, it'd go nicely with 043's Paper Lanterns, I guess.
Peace. Out.

049 Reliquia - room divider, vase with decorative twigs, and something which claims to be a table, but which actually turned out to be a cabinet of some kind.  I thought at first it was something that had rezzed sideways again, but it's got drawers in one side (that you can't see in that photograph, because I'm rubbish).
Mixed furniture, including one pretending to be a table

050 TexWorks - Chinese Silk Embroidered Tapestries texture pack.  Detailed and very lovely, which I've rather come to expect from TexWorks.  I'm so spoiled.

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