Monday, June 11, 2012

Raise the Red Lantern, part two

(What on Earth was up with SL yesterday?  I know it was a weekend, but it was really awful even by that elastic standard.)

Anyway.  On with red lanterns 11-20 of the mini hunt.

SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #11 - 'Radio for silk road hunt by Izo Ryba' Parcel radio control in the form of a glass-cased pot.  Novel.  And nice looking. (ObDisclaimer about Izo Ryba being on my f-list.  It's still nice.)
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #12 - 'Elven Tall Glow Candle, red-gold w/ bronze base' Pretty much what it says on the tin - a simple decorative item.
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #13 - 'Paprika Ruffles by Dax Designs' Outfit.  It's not really my style, but it's nice enough for what it is!
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #14 - '[Park Place] Silk Road Accent Table' This one is actually pretty nice - sculpted rather than mesh, but nicely shaped and textured, a simple and attractive piece of furniture.
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #15 - 'Mumtaz Mahal Bracelet by Czari Zenovka' Simple, attractive designed bracelet... took me the very devil of a time to rez it, though!  SL was being really iffy with me over this one, and I don't know why.
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #16 - '*AE* Asian Inspired Pin/Brooch (boxed)' Squarish shiny metal brooch with a circle of jewels.  I don't know how Asian or inspired it is, but it's actually quite pretty.
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #17 - '!GUGU DADA! gift box for Silk Road mini-hunt (unpack)' Contains a "Gold face tattoo" from the makeup specialists.  It's OK, actually - I don't go for face tattoos much, but I could kind of live with this one.
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #18 - '~IT~ Iron Tiger Jewelry by Una Basevi' A ring, in men's and women's sizes - big blue stone with a smaller red one inset in one corner.  Big, but not blinging, so a decent piece, really.
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #19 - 'Dark Fountain from Jinxed Toys' Straightforward, and by no means unattractive, piece of garden furniture, really, with animated water pouring out of four vessels at varying heights.
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #20 - 'Silk Road Mini Hunt Gift - .:: Fabu! ::.' Gold and silver "treble clef" ear cuffs (earrings that go in the upper part of your ear, apparently, I am so out of touch).  OK if you like that kind of thing.  I personally think SL ears look naff, so I am not anxious to call attention to mine by sticking jewelry on them!

And that is that.  Thanks go to the merchants and creators who made and provided all these goodies, to Perryn Peterson and his merry crew for the Hunt as a whole, and, incidentally, to Ursa Marenwolf for organizing a list of all these things, which I could not be bothered to do myself!  I am such a lazy Glorf really.

Wearing the Paprika Ruffles outfit; in front of me, Izo's Radio, the Elven Tall Glow Candle, and the Silk Road Accent Table.

Next up: stuff from the Hunt proper, I guess!

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