Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bringing home the bacon: Silk Road 3, part 9

Will I get it all done before the Hunt comes to a close?  I don't know, but I shall do my darnedest.  In any case, off we go on the next step of my unpacking adventures.

081 Deep Blue Sea Designs - Spice Plants of the Silk Road.  Two plants (in two versions, potted and not) and an informative notecard.  Since I know nothing about plants beyond "mostly green and give me hayfever", the notecard is a help.
Saffron crocus and turmeric plants, see how much I've learned

082 Kisetsu - Men's and Women's Yukatas.  Or however you form the plural of "yukata" in Japanese.  I don't know.  Anyway.  Clothes.  Pretty decent clothes - Kisetsu have been in hunts before, and I know they do good stuff.

083 XM Designs - male and female gifts: Gold and Ruby Arm Bands for women.  I didn't check out the male version, but anyway, these are OK - kind of old-school SL jewelry, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

084 Jan's Bazaar - little mini-hunt bonanza from Janeel Kharg here, including an Ottoman Chest and Musical Jar, a Bamboo Fountain, a Chinese Skybox house (with roof garden), and a Byzantine house (not shown in the photo, but it's nice).  The Byzantine House describes itself as boxed, but is not, it rezzes fully formed.  This is not in any sense a criticism, the house is kind of nice - but I mention it just so people are not startled when they expect to rez a box and get a three-storey house in their face instead.
Chinese Skybox interior with some of the other gifts.  The Bamboo Fountain is just behind the sleeve of my yukata, wouldn't you know it!

085 May's Curios - yurt.  And a nice little yurt it is too, with a dome light and a fireplace and a comfy bed and everything.  I've nothing against a yurt.
I just like saying yurt.  Yurt yurt yurt.

086 RVi Design - Asian Dragon Privacy Screen.  Not all that private, since it is semi-transparent, but a nice enough room divider anyway.  (Comes with a little attached "accent table".  Just to accent it, I guess.)

087 ORQUIDEA - Unisex Mandarin Shirt.  I thought Mandarins were all men, what with Imperial China not being a notably feminist society... OK, OK, I'm just being silly.  Anyway, it's just fine as shirts go.  A welcome break from all the excessively plunging necklines you see so often in SL, perhaps.

088 Jabberwocky - Bobbins!  Sculpt maps and UV-mapped textures for bobbins and thread.  Presumably, silk, what with it being Silk Road and all.  Well, sculpt maps always come in handy, don't they?
I should make them all red, and script them to take people's money, so I could sing about when the red, red bobbin comes rob, rob, robbin' along.  No?  All right, maybe not

089 Sanna - Two gifts, "Papaver Orientale" and "Radha and Krishna", from the animated textures specialists.  The poppies bobbing gently in the breeze are nice; Radha and Krishna are a bit on the psychedelic side.  You aren't getting the full effect in that still photo.  (Obviously.)

090 S&S Clockworks - Sake and Tea Set. Two-person table and cushions with drinks dispensing and custom animations scripted. Rather a nice thing, actually. 

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