Sunday, June 10, 2012

Raise the Red Lantern

Before unpacking from Silk Road 3 proper, I thought I'd do the stuff from the red lanterns mini-hunt at the starting point and the adjacent sim (Mieville Dickens and Stevenson).  This is, I think, just a fun way to distribute the bonus items some merchants include for the Hunt as a whole.  So, the first ten lanterns went as follows:-

SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #1 - 'Sanna Fraktal Mandala Gift for Silk Road Minihunt'  Big glowy multicoloured colour-changing mandala from the animated texture guys.
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #2 - '{r} reliquia Bag - Easel Picture Frames' Took me several tries just to rez the bag!  Anyway.  Couple of photo frames. Two LI apiece, and they don't look shabby for it.
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #3 - 'Serenity Sweater Purple Unisex' It's a sweater.  It's purple.  It's unisex.  It's quite sedate, really.  Not bad, if you're not looking for something with a plunging neckline or anything.
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #4 - 'Chinese Pot cupboard for Silk Road by Janeel Kharg' Decorative, simple piece of furniture.  Low-impact and attractive.
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #5 - 'Zen Shoji Room Divider Mesh by Alial Allen of  Fantasy China' Mesh room divider.  Nice looking, and only one prim (all right, LI)!
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #6 - 'Dark Vision Asian  Pottery' Big red and gold Asian pot!
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #7 - 'Dark Vision Chinese Pottery' Big blue and white Chinese pot!
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #8 - 'GD: Pocchiri - Cabachon Green Jade - SIlk Roads mini - boxed' Decorative brooch type thingy to go on the front of a kimono.  Decorative enough, certainly!
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #9 - '(RVi Design) Asian Nature - Wall Art' Large decorative panel with a nice (if huge-textured) drawing on it.
SRH3 MINI HUNT LANTERN #10 - 'Chinese Take Out by Arcadia Asylum' Arcadia Asylum stuff is sort of an SL collectible now, I think!  Anyway.  Bit of Chinese takeaway, with a menu... bit of fun.

Standing next to the Dark Vision Asian Pottery, wearing the Serenity Sweater Purple Unisex and the Pocchiri - Cabachon Green Jade, with the Asian Nature Wall Art on the wall behind me.

Now, I was going to do the whole lot of these in one post, but SL turned incredibly SL-at-the-weekend on us, and it took several tries in several sims just to get the first ten items rezzed!  So the second half will have to wait for another time.  Watch this space.

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