Monday, June 25, 2012

Bringing home the bacon: Silk Road 3, part 7

061 Pierre Ceriano - Samarkand Caravanserai.  Oh, yeeps - huge, huge building, beautifully made, stunned me when it popped out of the rezzer object, and not just because it landed on my head.

062 Leonine Fantasy Avatars & Accessories - male and female gifts; seen here, the female one, a perfectly fetching pink sari.

063 Serenity Designs - Silk Road Relay Hostel.  I think it's "hostel", anyway, the spelling in the descriptive notecard is a bit, um, creative.  Basically, it's a whole campsite scene, with all sorts of bits and pieces - quite a thing, really!  I'm prepared to excuse the creative spelling, I think, for something this detailed.

064, upmarket fashion store Snowpaws, had to drop out.  A pity.  Moving swiftly on -
065 L + N Signature Designs - Steampunk Giro-cycle.  A positively outrageous vehicle from L+N here, as is oft their wont.  I'm not sure that these things ever actually travelled the Silk Road, but by jingo they should have done.  Handles pretty nicely, too.

066 VM Detail & Design - Roman Kalends with tumblers.  A rather... impressive... calendar gizmo.  As you can see from the picture.  I don't think it will fit on my desk, though.

067 Nadeau Shop - Gypsy Table with Door.  Simple, rather attractive, little piece of furniture with an open/shut decorative door.

068 Ancient & Modern - mini-hunt here yields three gifts, an Oriental Pavilion, a Sand Garden to stand it in, and a Pillow Pile and Rug to sit on once you've done it.  And it's all rather pretty and stylish.  Add in some of the other bits and bobs from this hunt, you could have a very nice little outdoor scene going.

069 Izo's - low prim skybox for Silk Road.  ObDisclaimer about Izo Ryba being on my f-list - still, this is a simple, yet highly decorative, little building, and I could fly it up in the sky and go dancing in it or something, no problem.  It's nice.  And with an LI of 4, you can hardly go wrong, can you?

070 Tree House Treasures - Cozy Boho style.  We seem to be doing well, this Hunt, for piles of pillows upon which to disport ourselves.  Well, never let it be said that I shrank from a little disporting!

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