Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Alarums and excursions, possibly redux

(As in, I may well have used that post title before, but can't be bothered looking it up right now.)

Anyway.  A situation described in Nalates' blog resulted in an awful lot of region restarts, yesterday, and since then SL has been decidedly odd, for me at least.  In some ways it is its usual self, and I have managed an impressive number of crashes and random disconnects as I wander around on Silk Road 3.... While I'm on, though, SL has been running unusually smoothly and fluidly, with my lousy frame rates distinctly less lousy than normal, textures loading quickly, all sorts of things making it less of a pain.  (It's worth noting that, even at the best of times, my frame rates are well below the level which most SL pundits describe as "intolerably slow and jerky".  But, then, this is the way I describe most SL pundits, anyway, so never mind.  I get by, I get by.... )

There often seems to be a trade-off between stability and speed, as the viewer develops... possibly, with the latest dev viewer, the pendulum has swung towards the "speed" side, leaving those of us with clapped-out equipment running around and falling over, rather than safely plodding.  Perhaps it will swing back, with the next release.... No doubt I will see, in due course.  (Worth noting, I suppose, that in general there has been a slow but definite overall improvement in V3 performance, for me, since the interface change in V3.2.  With gritted teeth, I commend LL for this.  Oh, yes.  Commended.  Now fix the damn bugs already.)

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