Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bringing home the bacon: Silk Road 3, part 2

011 Designs by Sebastian - Heart shaped bed.  Comes in four flavours, with and without canopy, and with and without... errr... the sort of animations I will not go into, because this is Not That Sort Of Blog.  Anyway.  It's a heart-shaped bed.  Does it have silk sheets or something?  I'm going to assume it does.

Lying down on the job (and the Heart Shaped Bed)

012 Piffle - Celadon Tea Set.  ObDisclaimer: Piffle's proprietor Beth Pentewyn is a personal friend of long standing.  That said, the tea set is a small, neat, decorative object, and it gives you a cup of tea in a very civilized manner.  (Because of my long associations, my first thought on seeing the prize was that Beth had typo'ed "Caledon".  But she has not, it is "Celadon", and there is an informative note explaining why.  So that's me put in my place then!)

Celadon (sic) Tea Set

013 Zoe's Garden - Bonsai Tree with Hens & Chicks.  Another decorative bonsai tree.  Does "Hens and Chicks" have some technical meaning in bonsai circles that I don't know about?  Because I'm darned if I see any literal poultry about.  Any bonsaiologists out there who'd care to enlighten me?  Anyway.  It's pretty.
Bonsai Tree - can you see the chickens?

014 Top Katz - kimono (m and f versions) plus "Smirking Dragon" picture.  The kimono is a rather elegant black and gold affair, and I can live with the picture, too, as a decorative object.  That dragon has a definitely rogueish look to it.

015 Black Karbon - Vicksburg settee.  Nice looking settee with a varied set of built-in animations.  I think I could probably find a home for this one; it's an elegant and understated design, and I am nothing if not elegant and understated, just look at my discreet little 128-metre tower with all the brass knobs and flashing lights to prove it.
Sitting on the Vicksburg settee, wearing the Top Katz kimono, next to the Smirking Dragon

016 Fabu Jewelry & more - selection of jewelry: a fleur-de-lis signet ring for the gentlemen and two belts (one with hearts and one with stars) for the ladies.
Accessorizing the kimono with the Twisted Silver Belt with Heart Charms

017 Destiny's Designs - Orient Express Voyage outfit (male and female variants).  Mostly mesh outfit (for the ladies - I didn't try the gents' version), and we know my general reservations about mesh clothing and "standard" sizing, right?  Anyway.  Within the constraints - of being made out of fibreglass and sized for variations on a theme of Barbie - is it a nice prize?  Well, on the whole, it doesn't look bad, does it?  Except for that huge gap between me and the front of the bodice.... MESH DEFORMER. NOW.
Ready to Voyage on the Orient Express (and clout someone with that travelling bag)

018 Dragon Magick Wares - Luck Dragon House.  Neat little building.  It's not actually meant to be underwater, that just happened to be the nearest fairly-empty plot of land I had handy.  Anyway.  When not waterlogged, I reckon it will look kind of nice.
Luck Dragon House, not intentionally submersible

019 Unrepentant - tea set.  Mesh, comes in a number of variants, ranging from 1 to 6 Land Impact.  Neat job of mesh work, and economical if you happen to need a tea service, with full-perms baked textures you can modify as needed.  In short, more of a template for decorative items than just a decorative item itself.  As a piece of mesh work, it's kind of neat.  The one-LI version (which looks the same as the six-LI one, and you couldn't do it in just six prims either) is a very nice job indeed.
No particular need to repent of this tea set!

020 Pestique - Moroccan style furniture (couch, footstool, daybed).  Was Morocco on the Silk Road?  I thought it was too far west... but anyway, this is a decent enough set of furniture, so who cares, really?
I'm tired after all that, I'm having another nap, this time on the Moroccan Style Day Bed.

ETA:  Ceg McDonnell in the Historical Hunts group told me the "Hens and chicks" are the little succulent plants beside the bonsai tree itself.  So, thanks for clearing that up for me, Ceg!

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