Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Say cheese

Oxbridge photography maestro (maestress?) Beth Pentewyn has a project in hand for SL9B, which includes shots of various Caledonians posed artfully around their dwelling places and creations.  She was kind enough to ask Tali and me to be a part of this....  So, fully steampunked up, we spent a while posing for her in the control room at the tower in Burroughs!  I wasn't expecting to get any particular mileage out of the control room, yet, but the various dials and levers, and a Bondar-Foehammer Mini-Aurora airship parked outside the glass wall, made for quite a fun backdrop, in the end.

Beth has already recruited several genuine Caledon notables to the cause, and was last seen snapping Sauce Sorrowman as he sat pensively at his chessboard.  I will be interested to see what the final exhibit looks like!  It will be good, I know; Beth has an eye for these things.

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