Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bringing home the bacon: Silk Road 3, part 6

Continuing my unpacking - I will get there in the end!

051 Buccaneer's Restorations - Footprints of the Buddha.  A huge decorative plaque featuring a stone carving of, well, the title is a bit of a giveaway, I guess!  Decorative, and who knows? maybe significant, if you are a Buddhist.
Is it true what they say about men with big feet?

052 Rozamyndi's - Flowered silk dress and (unisex) Dragon tattoo.  The dress is cute enough (ignore the messy bit around the crotch in that shot, that is just the usual trouble in that area with textures on the avatar mesh.)  I don't go for tattoos much (prefer to save that layer for lipstick, and anyway I'm not a fan in RL), but the dragon seems like a decent enough example.
The Glorf with the Dragon Tattoo

053 Rag Dollz - "Egyptian" (male and female outfits).  Ancient-Egyptian style outfit with a range of styling options, some more revealing than others, all typical Rag Dollz high quality stuff.
The blonde waitresses take their trays, they spin around and they cross the floor.

054 Exquisite Jewelry - Dragon Earrings.  Small, but vividly coloured, and decorative.  Also, because they're mesh, efficient and quick to load.  Nice use of mesh, really.
Dragon earring

055 INGZ - Bamboo floral vase.  It's a straightforward decorative piece.  It's quite a size - you don't see that in the photo, maybe I should have stood next to it or something.
Big bamboo

056 AdelleArts Manor Fashions - Male and female outfits.  They're just described as "Exclusive Hunt Prize" - in the female case, it's a rather boldly colourful dancing-girl outfit (with the range of layers and options that AdelleArts provides with all its outfits as a matter of course).
Highly coloured

057 Bloodsmore, Inc. - Silk Road Geta (men's) and Okobo (women's).  Shoes, if you were wondering.  (I was.  I speak no languages from east of Clacton, remember.)  They are, um, different, anyway.  Must be authentic, they're too um, different not to be.
These boots were made for walking

Nothing but a placeholder for number 58, so we move straight on...
059 Texture Junction - "Along the Silk Road" texture pack.  A veritable plethora of textures, a mixture of the decorative and the informative - rugs, old maps, a mix of artwork.  Nice one!
060 Keshiki Garden Center - Hokusai Tabletop Fountain.  Decorative piece, a sort of bonsai waterfall, if you like.  Looks good.
Mini waterfall

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