Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Birthday bash

So, most of yesterday I spent playing tourist at SL9B.  And it is... actually.... quite a sight.  I haven't seen a tenth of it - I doubt I will see a tenth of it - but, well, what's there is worth seeing.

Starting, of course, with "Plum Piffle Pudding", and Beth Pentewyn's exhibition of photos, Caledon related.
It's handily located in SL9B FruitIslands Fun, next to the exhibits from Antiquity 1800... some women wrestlers... the Olympics... the BBWs of Canada....  OK, so thematic consistency is not a major factor in the placement of exhibits.  (You can see, over to the right of that photo, a cut-down version of Buckingham Palace, facing the entry from the Occupy movement.)

Beth's photos are nice!  Some of them look faintly familiar, for some reason.
(top left, me and Tali; top right, Fogwoman and Vivito Gray-Volare; bottom, Sauce Sorrowman and his chess pieces.)

I spent some time (OK, quite a lot of time, thanks to lag and time dilation) just wandering the various exhibits....

Tali and I went off and exposed ourselves to art at one point.  I even flipped out over it.

But the sights to see seem to be the big centrepiece builds.  I mean, the stage is impressive enough, taking up pretty much a whole sim:-

But the central eight-bit-graphics birthday cake - taking up most of four sims, it was quite some job just to walk around it - well....

I mean, what can one say?

Beyond "Happy birthday, SL", I guess.  Your Residents have done you well!

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