Monday, June 25, 2012

Bringing home the bacon: Silk Road 3, part 8

Cracking on with it, again.

071 Amulet - Smokey Dreams.  something else to disport in, a very detailed sculpted... bed, I guess.  Or bedchamber.  Or... well, anyway, you can lie down in it, and by crikey it's colourful.  (If you check the object itself, it describes itself as an "opium bed".  To quote Dorothy Parker: "Wait, I think I'm going to be able to use 'opium' in a sentence.  I opium mother is getting better.  Never mind.")

072 2KILL4 - Japanese Pagoda (brown).  Neat little building, suitable as skybox or other residence... my usual problem with buildings applies here.  One day, if I can ever justify the expense to myself, I'd like to buy my own sim, just to show off all the houses from the various Hunts...

073 - another dropout - before the hunt started, so I don't know who it should have been.  But I'm sure they're missed!
074 Jinxed Toys - Roman fountain.  It has tiles, and pools, and trickling water, and animation and sound effects.  Pretty much everything you could want from a fountain, really. (More of the "drinking" than the "Trevi" variety, though.)

075 Wisp Her - Silk Road Gazebo.  It is... well, it is certainly colourful.  Kind of fun decorative building, in fact.  Colourful.  Yes.

076 Spyralle - Jade Gazebo.  Two gazebos in quick succession!  What are the odds on that?  Anyway, this one is smaller and more intricately textured... but just as colourful!

077 Raven's Heart - Turkish coffee pot.  Sculpty coffee pot and cup.  All very decorative, from well-know decorative sculpty makers... so, just as good as one might expect, then.

078 Kittycat's Creations - Chrysanthemum Tea and Dim Sum Tray (male and female versions).  One of those fun clickable tray things that serves food and drink - comes with a carrying animation, or you can just leave it lying around.  If you want chrysanthemum tea or dim sum, this is one good way to get some.  I like it.

079 Dressed by Lexi - Heaven and Earth Turtle Talisman.  Nice little necklace, here.  Comes with some bonus meditation animations, which always come in handy, don't they?

080 Iron Tiger Jewelry - Perfume Bottle Necklace (male and female sizes). Another neat little necklace! What are the odds? This one doesn't come with bonus animations, but is nice anyway.

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