Friday, June 1, 2012

Hitting the (Silk) Road

I have been good, honestly, I have.  I've been winnowing and purging my inventory - not, obviously, to the point of throwing away shoes or anything, but definitely removing duplicates and expired LMs and long-irrelevant notecards and such.  Why, I've been holding it down below 53,000 items for ever such a long time now....

... and all my good intentions have just gone to pot.  The Silk Road 3 Hunt started today.  On with the hunting gear, and off I go to bloat that inventory right back up again.  More than 130 top-notch stores, and mini-hunts and stuff to keep the appetite whetted.  Marketplace certainly hasn't killed this one yet.

(Feel like trying your hand at the hunt?  Go thou to and commence.)

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