Friday, March 30, 2012

Bringing home the bacon, part 15 and FINAL

131 - Watsoon Steampunk: "Ornate Walls and Ceiling" texture pack.  By now, we know about me and texture packs, don't we?  Expect some of these to be sprayed across a prim in Burroughs soon.

132 - Serenity Designs:  Prince Dakkar's Sky Retreat.  Skybox.  Decent enough, simple design, animated textures on the windows give it a seaborne feel.  It's nice, but my usual comments apply, about hubristically wanting to build my own homes instead of using wonderful things made by other people.

133 - Mays Curios & Dryad Designs: ridable Hippocampus and Oceanic Harp.  The Hippocampus comes in two versions, a rez-and-ride and a wearable one... unfortunately, neither one actually seems to work, they both throw a succession of script errors; the rezzable one doesn't move at all and the wearable only goes sideways.  The playable Oceanic Harp, though, works OK and looks nice.  So, a partial success there!

134 - Demonkitties: iBandit Mask (regular and pink versions). Disclaimer needed here, since Misseuro Chau, though not on my f-list, is partnered with someone who is. Anyway. This is a bit of fun, in its way.

The (pink) masked marauder

135 - Mountain Rose Village: the mega-mini-hunt here is threatening to become a tradition.  In order, we have Captain Nemo's: skybox, perfume bottle, desk furnishings, submarine with mine, bed, diving outfits, window furnishings, fireplace furnishings, message bottle and diving helmet.  And very nice they look too.  I only hope he doesn't want them all back at some point.  I saw his picture yesterday, remember, and he doesn't look a man to tangle with.  Seriously, though, if you collect all this lot, you will have the makings of a very nifty Nemo-styled home in SL!

136 - Hyborian Steam Platform: end of the Hunt!  And all the bonus gifties from merchants who have made bonus gifties (and not already included them in their main prize or mini-hunt stuff).  Harry Potter scarves from Dax Designs; another copy of Myrddin's bookcase (I think this must have been included before he made his stop into a mini-hunt!); animated-texture porthole from Dark Visions; colourful top from Gugu Dada; mesh Da Vinci flyer from Land of Nodd; sea mines from MadPea; Ned Land's Harpoon from Mountain Rose;  "Poseidon's gift" trident from Jinxed Toys; "Rainbow Pond" animated texture from SANNA; and a Steampunk Row Building from the Time Machine Shoppe.  Interesting and varied selection, well worth finishing the hunt for!

... and that's it.  That's yer lot.  Congratulations and thanks to all concerned, and roll on the next Hunt!
If you go Steam Hunting, you can dress as well as I do!

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