Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bringing home the bacon, part 14

Another bumper installment today... if I can manage to get through all of the Mountain Rose Village mini-hunt gifts, maybe (I say maybe) I can get all of this done before March 31st, thereby leaving at least a day or so for people to scramble around and scarf up the good bits.  Which would be a public service, of sorts!  Anyway, here we go.

111 - Glass Vistas: Steampunk Door.  Decorative door with optional frame.  Scripted to open and close, which is really all you could ask for in a door, isn't it?  There is geariness, all is well.

112 - Star*Crossed Weddings (TM): Steampunk Flower Arrangement.  And I have a wedding chapel, and a previous hunt yielded a wedding cake... is the Hunt trying to tell me something, I wonder?  Anyway.  Flowers and cogs, what better way to a steampunk girl's heart?

113 - S&S Clockworks: left-handed Alchemist Gauntlet, and Drakenfish submarine.  We have been doing well for submarines this hunt, for some unfathomable reason.  (Geddit?  Unfathomable?  See what I did there?)  Moving swiftly on... the submarine is sleek and brassy, with a nice cockpit design; the gauntlet is an interesting looking personal accessory, at any rate.

114 - Table Service:  "Treasures of the Sea" placemat.  Fine dining in SL is kind of a niche market... hats off to Mr. Szondi for exploring it!  And this seafood special placemat is kind of fun in its own right.

115 - Style by Kira:  "Christian" (male) and "Lulu" (female) skins in "Steampunk Bronze" look.  Not a half-bad looking skin, at that, and it seems to fit my face, which not every skin does... and, with tattoo makeup options, this could be quite a versatile prize!  Nice one.  (I didn't try on the male version, for reasons which should be pretty obvious.)

116 - Haven Township: mini-hunt with the organization and generosity typical of Lenny Kenyon and her people.  The haul includes a portrait of Jules Verne, a development kit for ray guns (very dear to my heart, naturally!), a Victorian house, and a shop (and an offer to set up as an affiliate of Haven Township.  Which is not to be sneezed at, come to think of it, the township has been home to some very creative people for quite a while now!)

117 - Underhill & Overdale: Magic Picture 1 - Taiyaki.  Animated aquarium picture, pretty.  Since my language education never got further east than Greece, I couldn't tell you what "Taiyaki" means, sorry!  Maybe it would explain why one fish appears to be chasing a bottle of pop.
Re-skinned and contemplating the Taiyaki picture

118 - Moonbeams: Steamhunt Lover's Table.  Personally, I think it ought to be a Lovers' Table, as you want at least two lovers for best effect.  Anyway.  Heart-shaped occasional table with transparent top featuring, you guessed it, gears.  And a baked shadow prim underneath it, which is nice, but I wonder how well these things will hold up, now that more and more people are running with actual shadows rendering in the viewer.  (Not that I am.  My graphics card would explode if I even thought about it.  But other people do.)

119 - Unzipped: Steampunk Engineer outfits, male and female.  The male version gets a "Captain's hat".  Hmph.  Glass ceiling, I reckon.  Anyway, they are very steampunky (not necessarily very Victorian, especially with that mini-skirt in the female version), and made with the meticulous attention to detail we have rather come to expect from Unzipped and SPN.  Good one, this.  Glass ceiling notwithstanding.
Steampunk Engineer outfit (stompy boots from a previous Hunt; glass ceiling not shown)

120 - Tamiron Forge:  "Nemo" male and female outfits.  Both of them long on fishnets and short on subtlety (not that either of those are bad things).  The male version has a better hat and much more complete coverage.  I might actually see if I could fiddle that one into something suitable for me to wear, since burlesque is not usually my style.  It would be worth the effort, I think.

121 - MadPea: Das Boot U-Boat skybox.  I think I remember this one from that time-travel game they did a while back.  It's very detailed, and worked very well as a set in their ongoing story.  It's a bit of a specialized use, though, to put 369 Land Impact to!  But it looks good.

122 - jeaniesing's things: Clocktopus.  Mechanical octopus, which comes when you call... well, when you click on it, at any rate.  And it's not awfully quick, but then what do you expect of an octopus on dry land?  Especially a metal one?  Anyway, it is cute and has tentacles, both big pluses with me.

123 - Elemental Jewelry: Steam 6 Watch.  Sculpty jewelry wristwatch, resizable, very steampunk looking.  Very well made, in fact.  Looks good.

124 - Dark Vision: Captain Nemo Steampunk Gift Box.  Furniture, including a carpet, a map table and chair (clickable doohickeys in the table), and a picture of Captain Nemo.  He looks moody.  I suppose he was a moody sort of a character, really.  It's all good moody stuff, though.

125 - ORQUIDEA: Pocket Watch belt.  Comes in large (male) and small (female) sizes.  The small size goes around my hips OK, but then I have very narrow hips, especially by SL standards.  The watch is shiny, and tells the time, which you don't always see in SL watches - so many of them are just decorative.  Telling the time is a plus, I think.

126 - McMinnar's Oddments: Jellyfish Aquarium.  Big square tank with bubbling water and jellyfish in it.  The jellyfish don't seem to do anything.  But, then, what would I expect them to do?  Perform Hamlet?  Jellyfish couldn't do Hamlet, they'd never make the gravedigger scene convincing, on account of a jellyfish Yorick would have no skull.  And how would a jellyfish Ophelia drown herself?... All right, I'm just being silly now.

127 - NS6 Engine: Scientist's Office furniture set, and male and female Professor of Engineering outfits.  Ah, no glass ceiling here!  Furniture is suitably imposing, as befits a Professor of Engineering; the female's skirt is perhaps a little too short to be fully professorial.  (Though who says professors can't be sexy, anyway?  Certainly not me.)  Anyway, this is quality stuff.

128 - Bedizen: "Captured Aquamarine" jewelry set.  Aquamarines captured in a nest of wire... Some people might look at all this talk of capturing and leather thongs and draw the wrong conclusion.  Or maybe the right conclusion, I don't know.  Aquamarines are nice anyway.  Gentlemen's sizes are provided, which is good.

129 - Ky's Kreayshuns: Faerie in a Jar HUD.  Well, it's certainly different.  HUD attachment allows you to rez and derez (capture and release) a faerie follower thingy.  Fun if you like that sort of thing!  And why wouldn't you?
Professor of Engineering.  Note captive faerie guaranteeing a minimum attendance at lectures.

130 - The steam Rose:  "Wolfhound" airship.  This is a residential airship rather than a vehicle; it's a fair old size, and it looks pretty sweet, on the whole.  No-copy, but modifiable, so the wolfhound motifs are detachable.  Though I think they add character anyway, I don't mind them.
At the helm of the Wolfhound.

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