Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bringing home the bacon, part 2

A couple more items unpacked from the Steam Hunt.
  • 008 Mimsy  Manor - "Tabletop Theatre - Lobster Quadrille".  A bit of fun; a dollhouse-sized stage with animated dancing lobsters.  Animated dancing lobsters get my vote every time.  Cute.  Lightweight, but cute.
  • 009 Unrepentant - "Unleash the Kraken!" - top hat with tentacles grappling a sailing ship.  People may know about my predilection for tentacles, so I cannot but look upon this one kindly.  Still, after all these hunts, I have so many extravagantly decorated top hats.  But this is a good 'un.
  • 010 Gugu Dada - "Tigress" lipstick and "Steampunk" tattoo.  I always wonder what Gugu Dada - a store which specialises in tattoo makeup - will bring to themed hunts like this, but they do make the effort, every time.  The lipstick is nice, but not really my colour - I suppose I have some outfits it would go with, but generally I prefer cooler tones.  As for the tattoo - well, I mentioned before that all you need to do to make something "steampunk" is stick a cog on it.  (Or so some would have it.)  And now I can stick a cog on myself.  I'm steampunk.  Perfect.
There will be more.  I intend to get up to at least the half way point today, God, Lindens and crashes permitting.

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