Monday, March 12, 2012

Bringing home the bacon, part 3

More booty from the Steam Hunt, which I completed today...

011 - Raven's Heart: sculpted steampunk raven.  It flies around an invisible prim, you can wear it on your head, if you want to make it look like a small brass raven is circling around you, this is just the ticket.  It's a fairly classy little brass raven at that.
012 - Roawenwood: steam aquarium.  Globe with fishes, supported by a tendrilly bronze sculpted stand; comes with one of those rez-faux package thingies that I never quite see the point of, but never mind.  Looks nice enough.
013 - Whims and Wishes: "Nautilus" and "Kalamari" (M and F) necklaces.  They differ, on casual inspection, only in size; sculpted necklaces with a nautilus (the sea creature, not the submarine) pendant.  If you've always wanted a tentacled creature nestling in your bosom - and who hasn't? - here you are.
014 - Zoe's Garden: steam birdhouse.  Brassy birdhouse, with much coggery, bird noises, and even a not-visibly-steaming bird... could be  a coal tit, but I'm not sure, my steam ornithology isn't up to much.
015 - A & S Visions: "Aftershok" steam boots.  Big stompy boots!  Again.  Comes with a digi-foot version, which I haven't tried, since I only have human-style feet.  Still, big stompy boots, always good for stomping in.

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