Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bringing home the bacon, part 8

041 - Goddess Fantasies: four "steampunk rust" textures.  Fine enough in their way, but the no-transfer permissions make them of limited utility.  (It's not just that you can't transfer objects with these textures, you also can't download them for modifications, which, really, you want to do with textures from time to time if you are making anything nice.)

042 - Holly's Fashions: Steamy Mermaid outfit.  No, not that sort of steamy!  Indeed, this is quite modest, for a mermaid.  I guess it's more or less unisex, though it is described as a mermaid....  I had to dig out an AO for it, but meh, it's not like mermaid AOs are hard to find.

043 - Dax Designs: "Silver Lion" (male and female versions).  Dark grey outfit with silver embroidery, might look vaguely military in a hussar-ish sort of a way.  A little unusual - not your average SL streetwalker-wear, certainly.

044 - Deep Blue Sea: clockwork bonsai tree.  Or bonsai clockwork tree, I forget which way round it goes.  Anyway.  It is small and decorative, it has a texture change menu, it drops temp-rez gears from time to time.  It is low-prim and silly, I like it.

045 - Amaranthus: Compass Rose pocket watch.  Right and left hand versions.  Handsome enough looking thing, tells you the time when you click it (in a slightly odd format, I didn't realise at first what "9:1:11" was, but never mind). Looks good, anyway.

046 - Snowpaws: "Echo" outfit.  Snowpaws do quality women's clothing, no question of that, and this is quality, no question of that either.  It's not quite my style, but that's my problem, not the outfit's.  Either I missed something here, though, or the gentlemen are going to look a little unusual in this one.

047 - Griss' General store: blue fantasy lamp.  Simple and rather attractive table lamp with a fancy coloured glass shade, touch to turn the light on or off, quite simple and pretty, really!  I can think of somewhere I might put this.

048 - L. Bean's Furniture and Curiosities: Undathasi Fish Flinger.  I'm guessing this one is more Curiosity than Furniture, although who am I to judge?  It's a gun, basically - you wear it, go into mouselook, and click, and then it throws a fish.  What a silly idea!  Not in the least like my eminently practical Elephant Gun.... I like it.  If you want to fling fish, fling fish with an L. Bean Fish Flinger.  And try saying that ten times fast without losing your dentures.

049 - Dark N Crazy: D'n'C Candleholder.  I'm not sure "candleholder" is an entirely adequate term for what's actually a fairly substantial set of sculpted furniture.  Not that I am complaining, far from it, this is very nice.  (Oh, I see what's happened - the set is a coalesced object, and it appears in inventory with the name of just one of the objects in the set.  Which would be the candleholder.  But if you are expecting to rez this and get just a candleholder to put on a table or something, you may be surprised.  Pleasantly surprised, but still surprised.  I appear to be trapped in parentheses again, I really should stop that.)

050 - ezura Xue: "Cassandra" overalls and unisex bronze top hat.  I have a couple of outfits from ezura, but most of their stuff falls into the "nice, but not my style" category, for me.  I think this is one of those - there's nothing wrong with it, it is a quality item, but it's just not me.  The hat has
cogs on it, and is therefore Steampunk.

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