Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bringing home the bacon, part 13

I'm going to have to do bigger batches if I'm to finish this before the Hunt ends (and, if I don't, the last entries will just be a list of Stuff You Missed Out On, which is not fair, so I won't do that, or at least I'll try not to).   So here goes with a big batch today.

091 - [ContraptioN]: Maritime Division Jacket Set.  Nice piece of quasi-naval uniforming, with heavy-duty "ice" and lighter "ocean" looks.  Neat.  I need to find a pair of trousers to go with it, though, and possibly some more practical shoes.  I'm almost certain that Sir Ernest Shackleton never wore four-inch heels on the ice-covered deck of the "Endeavour".  Not in public at any rate.

092 - AdelleArts Manor Fashions: Steam Hunt 6 male and female outfits.  The gents get a red-coated military uniform, suitable for a county regiment, I think; the ladies get a day dress with a florid Victorian pattern.  Sound enough stuff, really.

093 - Top Katz:  male and female outfits, and a gear swing.  As in, a swing set where the seat is a big gear; looks cool but uncomfortable.  Obviously, since it has a gear, it is Steampunk.  The outfits are mostly red, Victorian, and pretty serviceable all told.  I like the gents' one, especially, it looks good
for lounging around pool halls in or something louche like that.
Last of the red hot swingers

094 - aQ creating lifestyles: Nemo Nav System.  Steampunky laptop (I know, I know, just work with me here, OK?) displaying the route of the Nautilus in 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea.  There is an easter egg of some kind, but I haven't found it yet.  Anyway, it's a bit of fun.

095 - Myrddin's Emporium.  This turned into a mini-hunt, with a final haul consisting of two versions of a "Nautilus" submarine, a gift-giving Time Lord's Hat, and a sculpted bookcase with opening doors.  In short, nice little bunch of prezzies.  Nice one Myrddin!
Touring in the Nautilus version 1

096 - Twisted Metal Industries: Twisted Metal Cargo Service.  Three-seater airship, if you don't mind sitting on a box marked "Explosives", and I don't.  Nice design and quite responsive to fly, I like this one.

097 - DyKe Industries: "Steam Rising" top hat.  Well, it's a top hat, it has tentacles, what more do you need?  I think the top hats are now well ahead of the tricornes in this hunt.  Though there is still time for the tricornes to stage a comeback.  Anyway.  Top hat.

098 - Park Place Home Decor: "Victorian Chinoiserie" furniture set.  Two chairs and a table with decorations.  Well made and nicely textured.  I must have room for this stuff somewhere, surely?

099 - Jolbey and Jasper: Tophat with goggles.  Obligatory disclaimer: Jasmin Jolbey has been on my friends list for a looooong time... and she has been making gothic and Victorian clothing and accessories for most of that time, and practice, talent, and attention to detail have paid off, here.  OK, it's another top hat, but it's a quality one, less extravagant and more practical than many of the others.

100 - Timeless Curiosities: Aether Heart. One of those accessories which opens up a window into your body, where you can see your heart (in this case) replaced by a metal spinny thing with electrical crackles.  Fun, in its way, but I suspect it might be aimed at gentlemen more than ladies, since it is really hard to adjust for my 1) comparatively slim shoulders and 2) bosoms.  I could see it fitting a normal male avi with no trouble, though.

101 - Crazy Cake Creations:  Submarine bear and sub-sea lab.  The bear is driving a small submarine, tows you behind it, and responds to chat.... the lab is a large and complicated coalesced object that I have not, in fact, had the nerve to rez, after my misadventures with the scriptorium table...  it looks good in the publicity photo, though!
Towed by the Submarine Bear

102 - Panda Panda: Steampunk hat.  Comes in biggie or tiny versions.  It's... I'm not sure if it counts as another topper or not.  It is huge, and pulsates, and has pressure gauges, and emits steam.  I'm afraid to argue with it.  If it wants to be called a top hat, I'm fine with that.

103 - Pestique: Bathing hut.  After all the giant towers and brass octopodes and massive mansions, this humble bathing hut comes as something of a relief.  It is a small and straightforward refuge where I can go to change my clothes, and as I try all these things on and my outfit becomes steadily more eccentric, I figure I can use one of those.
My outfit got steadily more absurd, I was glad of the changing room!

104 - Goddess Spirit: Orange Gear Zoom (large and small).  Decorative... thingy... with animated textures.  It is definitely a thingy.  And decorative.  And, because it has gears, Steampunk.  People who like this kind of thing will like this.  It's kind of fun to watch, anyway.

105 - SANNA - SCIENCE and ART: three animated texture sets, "Golden Orbit", "Fire Orbit", and (you guessed it) "Cogwheels".  Well, they are pretty, and I guess the cogwheels would come in handy if I ever want to suggest mechanical things going on inside one of my builds.  Which is not a half bad idea, really.

106 - Kabuki Creations:  Steam Clock.  We seem to be doing all right for clocks, too, on this hunt.  Except this is not actually a clock, it is a big thing with lots of spinning gears, and a set of poseballs included so you can make out with a willing partner among them.  Oh, well, if I am making out with a willing partner, I don't necessarily want to keep track of the time anyway.

107 - L + N signature Designs: Steampunk Motorcycle.  Includes both male and female versions, and a control HUD for the flight, jumps, and machinegun functions.  Yes, you did read that right.  L + N do not stint when it comes to vehicle designs.  I will have to be cautious, though, since the last time I
tried out one of their gadgets, I knocked Harpo Jedburgh through the floor of the Oxbridge sandbox.  But this looks like fun.  And the design is extravagantly gorgeous.

108 - Always Eclectic: Colorful Gears Brooch.  This one is exactly what it says on the tin; a brooch made of gears in different sizes and colours.  It's pretty.  (Yes, colours with a "U", I am British, dash it all.)

109 - Ankh-Morpork: and, as usual, Janeel Kharg has laid on a mini-hunt with a positive profusion, even a plethora, of gifts.  If you figure a plethora equals "five" anyway.  If you unpack all five of these, you will end up with quite a nice skybox or underwater style home, and plenty of suitable furniture for it, including an aquarium which I think is quite nifty, and lots of lamps and posters and stuff.  If you don't unpack them... well, then, you will have five unopened boxes in your inventory.  Whatever floats your boat; I don't judge.

110 - Arkigrafx: L'Ile Mysterieuse Lighthouse.  L'Ile pretty darn impressive actually.  Lighthouse building on a big sculpted rock. Big and pretty, but there seems to be some problem with the doors, which swing around in a most peculiar way - I suspect some problems with the rotation maths, somewhere!  Still, that's just a niggle, really.

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