Monday, March 19, 2012

Bringing home the bacon, part 6

... is it six?  I think I've lost count already.


026 - Rozamyndi's: Victorian style outfit.  Black and white, lacy, cute.

027 - USC Texture Tomb: Steam Portholes texture pack.  Well, I have about umpteen thousand USC texture packs already, and the *reason* I have them is, they're good quality and I find uses for them!  So I will likely find a use for these, too.

028 - Fort Weka:Steampunk sub-house.  Underwater dwelling, with Mr. Weka's typical fine work and attention to detail.  It is a shame to commit this one to the huge pile of "houses I have that I will never use"... trouble is, I build myself, so I tend not to use buildings!

029 - Rainy Fey Creations:  Hippocampus Tricorne hat and jewelry.  Obligatory disclaimer: Nyree Rain of Rainy Fey is a personal friend... still, even were she not, I think I would still like this spiffily nautical hat and understated but elegant necklace and earrings.  Nice.

030 - Camilla's: "Cora" (ladies) and "Captain Nemo" (gents) outfits... for once, the gents seem to win out, here, as the "Cora" blue and white dress is nice, but not as impressive as the "Captain Nemo" uniform.  Very military.  Well, paramilitary, I suppose.

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