Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bringing home the bacon, part 12

081 - nana saenz: Sir Watsoon Reading Closet.  Chair with surround, reading lights, piles of books, and somewhat daft sitting animation.  A bit of fun, I think!

082 - Rag Dollz:  "Steampunk Cabaret" (ladies) and "Ardent Admirer" (gents) outfits.  Typical of the high standards we've come to expect from Rag Dollz... the burlesque "Steampunk Cabaret" look is not one I see myself using often, though!  Only in (ahem) certain specialized circumstances, anyway.  The "Ardent Admirer" is actually pretty good, the gentlemen do well here.

083 - AIDORU: pince-nez and "Steam Swirls" necklace.  The necklace is nice, but I actually like the pince-nez more, they give me an agreeably bookish look, and if I ever want to play a sexy librarian, I can wear these and whip them off at the critical moment.  Fun.

084 - Builders' Brewery:  "Nautilus" watchtower.  An impressive looking building by the impressive builders.  And, of course, I am constructing a giant tower of my own, I don't need this one - charming and finely crafted though it is!

085 - Jabberwocky: tentacles!  A whole bunch of sculpt maps for tentacles!  As a breeder of tentacle monsters, I appreciate this sort of thing rather a lot.  Tentacles!  I am a happy Glorf with this lot.

(That lot bumped my inventory past the 50,000 mark.  I have been in SL nearly two years!  Clearly I do not have anything like enough shoes yet.)
Looking at a tentacle through my pince-nez.

086 - HUDSON's Clothing Co.: Octopus Jewel collection.  Octopus bracelet, necklace and shoulder pet... It is a very good hunt for tentacles!  These are cute, I like them.

087 -  Domicile: Isambard's Folly Tower and House.  Big and impressive, both of them.  And they have turning gears, so they are definitely Steampunk... They are big, well-textured, and generally impressive all around, actually.  Once again, it's almost a pity I have follies of my own to build.

088 - Madville Textures: stained glass (sea-themed) texture pack.  Well, Madville have been in Steam Hunts before now, and I have got a fair amount of mileage out of their texture sets, and I'm sure I'll get some out of this one too, they are good.

089 - Dragon Magick Wares:  Bathysphere Mansion. Compared to some, this one is actually quite small and cosy!  Decent quality build, though, and - once I'd read the instructions and found out how to open the door - I was impressed.  I think it says something about the ambitions of the merchants in this Hunt, though, that this quite spacious and elegant structure could be used as the garden shed for some of the other buildings....

090 - Aster's Builts: AM Phantasy Ivy Chapel.  Well, if I ever feel the urge to get married, at least I have the venue for it, now.  Another one that's a fair old size... and I could get a thrill just coming down that staircase.  Like being in a Morecombe and Wise show.  Hee.

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