Monday, March 26, 2012

Bringing home the bacon, part 11

071 - zeitmesser Inc.: Coffee Maid.  It's a very straightforward and effective coffee maker, and after the first seventy hunt stops, you may feel you need a cup of coffee.  Heaven knows I did.

072 - PRIME: Under the Water mini skybox. I wondered about this one, but it only appears to be under the water, as its windows have animated textures of underwater scenes on the inside.  On the outside, they are transparent, thus enabling anyone to see into this spherical skybox with attached propeller.  Well, I suppose there's not enough room inside to get up to anything you wouldn't want people to see.

073 - TexWorks: set of steampunk rivetted metal walls textures.  Well, I use TexWorks stuff in building anyway, it is very likely I'm going to use these!

074 - EBDEsign: Captain Nemo's Praline Plate.  Dispenses edible chocolate octopuses... octopi... no, octopodes, I knew I would get there in the end.  Anyway.  It's different, that's for certain.

075 - imaginoirium: Library.  Two bookshelves, table and divan... I had the strangest feeling that these were going to be immediately useful for me, but the shelves are just too tall for the space I have available, dammit.  Still, this is a nice set, and I'm sure I will find a home for it sometime, somewhere.

076 - Designs by Sebastian: Steam Clock.  Desk clock with steam and turning gears; nicely detailed with lots of small but perfectly formed prims.  It's pretty and it tells the time, which is really all I could ask for in a clock.

077 - 22769 Casual Couture: "Vintage Thunder" outfit.  I'll spare you the "I'm tho thor I can hardly..." joke.  Anyway.  It's another in their range of superhero outfits reimagined for the 1940s.  For once, this one is more suitable for the gentlemen than the ladies - the chest discs do not play well with avatar physics. Also, I will have to find one of those pairs of big stompy boots to round off this outfit.  It looks silly with a pair of Wetherby's turquoise stilettoes.

078 - Tree House Treasures:  Under the Sea chair.  Furniture with tentacles!  Got to love it... this one is even more imposing than the Neptune's Gears chair, earlier.  (A picture of 077 and 078 is hereby appended.  Tali says it's "iconic", but there may be a better adjective.)

079 - Land of Nodd: Steampunk Tesla Guitar.  This one is pretty classy, as seriously deranged musical instruments go.  The lightning effects actually worked rather nicely with the "Vintage Thunder" outfit, although I did have to put Mjolnir down to play it.

080 - time machinery, steampunkery: boxed "Captain Nemo" underwater store or home.  Fair-sized domed structure with an underwater-y look and feel to it; pretty typical of ambiant Kukulcan's design style and attention to detail; nice enough, but likely to be one of those things I will never get round to using, I fear.

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