Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bringing home the bacon, part 7

I will have to do more of the boxes in one go, or this will take forever (or past the 31st of March, anyway).  So...

031 - Amulet:  Peace Island.  Sculpted flying or floating island with a round sort of gazebo on it, fits on a 12x12 lot, pretty nice.  Has one cog in the middle of the floor.  Steampunk!  Sculpts and textures are good quality, as one might rather expect from Amulet.

032 Cosmic Steam Designs: unisex quasi-naval outfit, includes peaked cap and big stompy boots.

033 Cedar Bay Home Furnishings:  Captain Nemo's Pipe Organ.  Hold on, didn't we already have a pipe organ, earlier?  Well, at least it seems I will never run short on pipe organs.  Every home should have one... or two... or more.

034 - Ms. B. Designs: Steam Chariot.  Prop (non-functional) vehicle with pose balls, also in a wearable version should you not happen to have 99 Land Impact spare... Looks good enough, but surely there must be room for some optimization on that build?  Use some sculpts, and you could probably get it down to 31 prims or less, and make it an actual working vehicle.

035 - sRL Leatherwerx: art nouveau display tables; sculpts in various forms, pretty elegant for the most part (a bit angular if you cam right up close, but that's the limitations of sculpties generally, no reflection on SRL there!)  I can find a home for these, no problem.

036 - Julia Collection: His and Hers Victorian Parasols.  Nicely sculpted, authentic looking, the female version basically differs in having decorative bows... I'm not sure how much use they might be on Captain Nemo's submarine, but what the heck, they look good.

037 - Brain Circuit Inc: "Sea Voyager" male and female outfits.  Bronzy and browny and sort of pirate-y, I reckon these are pretty good, actually.  Fiddling around switching outfits, I wound up wearing this with the stompy boots from 032, and they actually go pretty well together.  Includes a telescope and an eyepatch so you can pretend to be Lord Nelson, should such be your whim.

038 - K. R. Engineering: Senet Board Game.  I have no idea what an ancient Egyptian board game has to do with Captain Nemo, but I am not complaining, this looks like a piece of well-scripted fun.

039 - Black Karbon: Antelope.  Well, part of an antelope.  Specifically, the head, mounted as a hunting trophy above a fireplace.  It's nice, if you like that kind of thing, and I'm sure hunting trophies have their place in a steampunk home.  I can't help but whistle the Gnu song as I look at it, though.  The antelope head is detachable (that is, the whole prize is a coalesced object, and the fireplace and the trophy are separate.)

040 - Sparkworks: Kraken's Revenge.  Tentacular avatar!  I love it already.  Become an octopus piloting a human-sized mecha. What fun!  The hollow torso incorporates a pipe organ... because, as we have already established, you can never have enough pipe organs.

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