Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bringing home the bacon, part 4

016 - Sinful Temptations Boutique:Cotton Candy
Machine.  It is cute!  It is pink!  It gives you
cotton candy!  It is hopelessly out of place in the
wistful romantic ruins of East Burroughs!  It is going
back into inventory before Tali sees it here!
017 - Axo's: Le Poulpe Colossal (+ two framed
pictures). Eh bien, c'est un poulpe, n'est-ce pas?  Et
c'est colossal, je crois.  Le poulpe colossal se
trouve sur une horloge, c'est malin, ça. Si on a
besoin d'une horloge avec un dessein d'un poulpe
colossal, on peut aller à Axo's pour l'obtenir - What?
 Oh, it's a clock with that woodcut of a giant octopus
on the face.  It's nice.  Picture of Jules Verne
thrown in, if old French guys with beards turn you on.
018 - Serenity Fashion: "Elizabeth Blue" outfit.
Simple, low-cut, Victorian style dress, blue with a
white front panel and some gold trim, looks pretty
nice on me.  Not sure how it would look on the
gentlemen, but there we are.
019 - Bondar-Foehammer Aerosteam Co.: Mini-Aurora
airship.  Ah, this is why we do Steam Hunts!  It
flies, and has exciting electrical crackles just below
that highly inflammable  hydrogen filled gas bag.  It
has, in short, much to commend it to my sensibilities.
The Mini-Aurora comes in to land on the tower's generator deck
020 - Build better at Happy Hippo: Nemo's Aeroship mK.
xvII.  Ah, this is... whoah, deja vu, trippy.  Anyway.
 A larger, more conventionally designed airship; still
with crackly electrical effects, but less likely to
explode.  I thought it was Robur who had the aeroship,
though?  Nemo was a submarines kind of guy.  Anyway. 

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