Friday, March 9, 2012

Seconds out, round two!

To be fair to the viewer, it is trying gamely, following my challenge of yesterday.  My paltry few new landmarks burgeoned rapidly, during my last session, with each one being copied no less than five times.

I've done a cache clear and clean reinstall, so we'll have to see what difference that makes.  

I am not letting it get me down - the end of the Steam Hunt is now in sight, and I have finally started construction work on my Tower of Science and Sorcery in Caledon Burroughs.  It is rising out of the Firth of Caledon, causing some perplexity to Callie, the Caledonian Sea Monster, who swings by that location every quarter of an hour or so.  (Meanwhile, my partner in crime sex building continues to place hauntingly beautiful romantic ruins about the islands of Burroughs.  It's a good thing one of us has class.)

There may be photographs and such, later on, as things start to take shape.  Or the viewer may murder me in my sleep.  Could go either way really.


  1. Dear Miss Bulmer,

    It's me, your viewer. So, you thought you'd play around with that Singularity hussy, did you? Well, get this, you two-timing viewer-diddler: You need me.

    Next thing you know, you'll be running off to Vegas with some floozy named Phoenix. Residents! Such a fickle bunch you are, all of you.

    1. This is showing all the signs of becoming a really dysfunctional relationship, you know. So I went with Singularity for a while! So I had a date with Cool Viewer! You know what? They pay attention to my needs! They treat me like a human being! Well, OK, a digital human being.

      (And, admittedly, Cool Viewer did take my top off as soon as I rezzed, which is getting a bit fresher than I'd like on a first date.)