Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quit fiddling with my preferences!

For the past month or so, I've been under the impression that there was a bug in the latest V3 development viewer that stopped texture animations being displayed on my graphics setup.

Turns out, there isn't - or there is, sort of, but it's not that.  At some point, the checkbox that controls whether or not I see texture animations got flipped.  When I flipped it back, things returned to business as usual. 

I am tempted to say "D'oh. Dumb Glorf," and move on, as I so often have to do, but I didn't uncheck that item.  Nor did I uncheck another one, the one that puts your favourites up as options for your logon location.  But it still got unchecked, and I had to go in and re-set it.

Well, there's only two of us in this relationship, between me and my viewer's settings.  And I didn't change them, so the viewer must have done it by itself.  So, dear viewer, quit it.  I have those boxes checked for a reason, and if you fiddle with them, I will be cross.  And yes, I have been seeing Singularity behind your back, so you just watch your step.

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