Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bringing home the bacon, part 9

051 - Daallinii's Creations: Steampunk Pavilion.  Elegant, attractive, well made, and I'm not going to use it (see "I build my own stuff", passim.)  Not a reflection on the creator, just a fact about my habits.

052 - Spyralle: Orrery Table.  Looks pretty.  As a table, works OK if you don't mind occasional round lumps on the surface... as an orrery, it's pretty much a bust, since said lumps are not arranged in any planet-representing kind of way.  Maybe it's a table you could put an orrery on.  That would make sense.

053 - Casuka: Pirate Hat.  Tricorne hat with feathers, skull-and-crossbones decoration, and navigational aids included (telescope, compass, map and dividers).  Tricornes seem to be "in", this hunt.  This is a sound example of the breed.

054 - Epic Toy Factory: "jug-o-nautalis" airship building plus five bonus gifts.  As ever, the Toymaker has done us proud; bonuses include a wearable cane and a nice necklace, a set of icy decorative columns, icy decorative lamps, and a distinctly non-icy dragon statue with a fire burning in him.  As for the airship, oh my, it is quite a sight.  (Here it is, over the tower in Burroughs.)

055 - The Pumpkin Head: Mean Octopus Necklace.  No word on whether this contrasts with a Nice Octopus, or with a Median or Modal Octopus; still, I seem to be doing well, this hunt, for having tentacled things nestling in my bosom.

056 - Destiny's Designs: "Askadellia's Golden Gown" and the more prosaically named "Steampunk Gentleman's Outfit".  They're both OK, I think, though DD are one of those places that actually do make gentlemen's clothing for gentlemen, and fitting the gents' outfit onto my non-gentlemanly frame is liable to be more trouble than it's worth.  I like the hat, though.

057 - emPathy: Steampunk Space Station.  Extremely large and pointy skybox.  I didn't really have time to explore it in detail... I was rather alarmed when it popped out of the rezzer, to be honest!

058 - Lilipily Spirit Jewellery: six-part mini-hunt here before the final gift becomes accessible.  Items include a Wind Chime (is shiny and goes tinkle); "The King's Family", an artwork by Lilipily's proprietor; a Golden Cane Palm in Stoneware Pot (ginormous pot plant); an Ancient Fluted Lounge (sofa); a Rain Rock (particle rain and sound effects); and the Wiccan Ritual Ground, which must be very nice if you are Wiccan and have the requisite 94 Land Impact spare to play with.  After all that, the actual gift - a fortune-telling wearable Cosmic Globe - is almost an anticlimax.

059 - Izo's: steam skybox.  Honesty compels me to admit that Izo Ryba is also on my friends' list - still, the skybox is simple (only 17 Land Impact), attractive and straightforward, I can probably actually use it!

060 - VM Detail and Design:  Scribes' table from the Chained Library.  Impressive looking thing, but it's a  no-copy coalesced object, so getting it in and out of inventory has proven to be a pain and a half....


  1. Just how much storage space do you have?

    1. In my inventory, gobs and gobs... Caledon Burroughs is a homestead sim, and I have a quarter of that at my disposal, which gives me enough spare space to pull things out, take a look at them, and put them away again! At least, it does for the moment - the tower is consuming an ever-increasing number of prims.