Friday, March 16, 2012

Bringing home the bacon, part 5

021 - Bloodsmore Inc.: "Cthulhu Belle" slippers and "Ricker" shoes.  The slippers are for the ladies, or at least those ladies who want to walk around with a Cthulhu head on each foot (and who doesn't); the shoes are rather basic looking buckled jobs for the men.  I think the ladies win out here!

022 - Ghostraven's Steampunk & Pirates: a mini-hunt here yields a fancy steampunk diving helmet, an underwater room with rez-faux packaging, and a mini-sub; quite a nice little haul all told, and more than one person has commented how nice it is that the helmet (which sheds a fine underwatery greenish light) can be used for the last stage of the mini-hunt.  Nice stuff.

The "Mermaid" sub and subsea chamber shown in Caledon Burroughs

023 - Snow Bound: gear choker and trident.  Decorative and, err, practical, considering that the "Bound" part of the shop's name is, err, umm, appropriate.  Just considered as decorative items, they're quite nice.  (Both are provided in unscripted versions, if you're not into, err, umm - nope, this is still Not That Sort of Blog.)

024 - Dark N Crazy Old Brewery Clockhaven: Nemo's Ghost-Organ.  An organ, every steampunk villain should have one - this one comes complete with fog, weird sounds, and particle ghosts streaming from the pipes.  And it speaks German while it's loading up the sound effects.  Fun.  Not remotely subtle, but fun.

025 - Steampunk Emporium: Steampunk Egg - Tiger.  Decorative vase with a tiger's eye motif and a swirly smoke effect from the top.  Looks cool enough, as a decorative item.  I could see it standing in the corner of a cigar divan or an opium den or something.  How do I know so much about decorating opium dens?  Let's change the subject.

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