Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wacky Races

The tower in Caledon Burroughs was sort of in use today, as a staging point for the Great Race across Caledon... regrettably, RL got in the way of me seeing half of it!  But I picked up the fray in Port Caledon, and was around for the Burroughs stage and the finish aboard the mighty Iron Cloud in Caledon Middlesea.

I'd made some of my own preparations earlier for the event:-

By the time the race actually started, night was falling, rendering the tower's maze of walkways even more perilous than usual; at Port Caledon, CorAngelis was taking a commanding lead on her all-terrain horse, hotly pursued by my friend Sauce Sorrowman and Geoffrey Xenobuilder - and the sound of other racers crashing against recalcitrant sim boundaries echoed through the land....

Here's the official race sign in Burroughs:-

I was too paying attention as Sauce headed from the docks to the top of the tower:-

Sauce, in fact, put on a sudden burst of speed to take the race in the final stage, mounted upon a mighty mecha-kraken flying machine.  Tentacle monsters always come through in the end, you know.

And here are several of us gathered at the finish line (CorAngelis flew her horse into second place and Geoffrey finished a creditable third).  In the picture, you will also see Solace Fairlady, Autopilotpatty Poppy, and Darlingmonster Ember, who did all that nifty "organizing" stuff that I can never be bothered with.

All told, a fun event!  Maybe some year I will take part in it... you never know!

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