Saturday, April 28, 2012

Seeing things

I think a malicious fairy is living inside my viewer and flipping switches or otherwise fiddling with the settings whenever the mood takes them.  I but recently restored my ability to post snapshots on my profile feed (which is just about the only thing I ever use my profile feed for, in any case), and now I find that my draw distance has been upped, slightly, from the absolute rock bottom minimum where I usually keep it.  Well, until now.  I have been wandering through Fantasy Faire with this slightly-enhanced draw distance, and have not been crashing any more than usual, so I think it is safe and I will keep it.  So, serendipity at work there, then.  In your face, malicious viewer fairy!

Talking of Fantasy Faire, it is now in its closing weekend, and I am wandering around it scarfing anything nice that I can afford and missed first few times around.  It occurs to me that I didn't show enough snapshotting love to Meandervale:-
It's not as dramatic as some of the others, but it is really a very nice build.
Sort of quiet and elegant and restrained.
Which, I admit, is more than you can say for that particular outfit.  But never mind.  Anyway.  Meandervale, some more shots of.  It's nice, go see it while it's still there.

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