Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Down at the bottom of the sea

Sudden fit of creativity, last night, has resulted in the underwater section of the tower being mostly completed.  Having Tali around to throw out ideas, rig up some fancy particle effects, and haul me up when I was going wrong helped a lot.  Having Tali around in general is pretty much fun, actually.
Here's the base, as it stands, now.  The lift car is docked at the right hand end.  In the bottom right corner you can just see a patch of seaweed; there is a wrecked submarine in that, just out of shot.
Once you step out of the lift, this is where you find yourself.  (The portholes, by the way?  Steam Hunt prize.  It comes in useful, you know!)
The corridor is pretty dark and moody, with odd bits of junk lying around, and (courtesy of Tali!) a leak near that airlock on the left, which I hope should prove bloomin' worrying to anyone walking down it.

Down the far end of the corridor, there's another airlock, and the open door to the main living area.
Here's that main living area, complete with weird apparatus displaying goodness knows what, a big lever for switching on an external floodlight, and... generally, signs that something has happened here.  But, one might ask, what?

Anyway.  I'm pretty happy with how this is going.  It still needs some sound effects, I think; clangs as doors open and close, and vague creaking and dripping sounds.  And there are ... things ... that have yet to be installed, outside.  But, overall, I'm fairly pleased.

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