Monday, April 23, 2012

Fantasy Faire, last installment

And now, the two sims left that I hadn't got round to, Devil's Locket (sponsored by Rustica) and Shifting Sands (sponsored by Solarium).

I don't know what sort of style you would say Devil's Locket has: steampunk? Arabesque?  surreal?  Possibly elements of all three.
Anyway, it has an enormous steampunk cyborg elephant...

And something is going on underwater, but I'm not altogether sure what!

I am, ironically, on safer ground in Shifting Sands, which is clearly your desert-area, sandy, souks-and-sandworms sort of place; I kept trying to walk without rhythm, just in case.

So there we are: Fantasy Faire.  It's still on, it will be for another week or so, there is a great deal of good stuff on display, the sims themselves are well worth a look, and there is the occasional special event going on (I had to take some time out at Jungle Bungle last night, to help raise Perryn's bail and stop him from being boiled in chocolate.  The law is tough at Fantasy Faire.)  So - you have a week or so to go buy stuff, contribute to a good cause, have fun, or just gawk.  Or any combination of the four.  I'll probably be going back a few times.

(Oh, and will there be a short self-congratulatory note on my having reached one hundred blog posts?  Why, yes, yes there will....)

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