Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fantasy Faire 2012 is on

Running for ten days, and covering nine sims, the Fantasy Faire is bringing out a whole bunch of merchants to (a) raise money for RFL, and (b) flog stuff.

Tali and I TPed over to the central reception area last night, where, as it happened, we ran into the Mayor of Mieville, Perryn Peterson, who is scheduled to be locked up as part of a charity event in one of the sims, "Jungle Bungle", which is sponsored by Epic Toy Factory, a name which is very familiar to anyone who does the Historical Hunts.  So that was where we zoomed off first...

It's all very much the sort of outrageous whimsy we've come to expect from the Toymaker and her cohorts.
So, leaving Perryn to languish in durance vile (hopefully not too vile), we headed off to the next sim, Meandervale, sponsored by The Looking Glass:-

A more restrained, sober, almost austere setting, but not without its touches of fantasy...
And then on to Shadow's Claw, sponsored by TRIDENT, and full of barbaric splendour:-

Rope bridges, torches, megalithic circles...

And a pretty impressive main store:-
There may be more of this... I'm not sure if this is quite up to the standard of last year's (which had some pretty darn spiffy builds), but, so far, it is impressing me.  And getting me to spend money, mostly into RFL vendors, so it's all in a good cause.  (Um, further bloating out my inventory is a good cause, right?)

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