Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fantasy Faire redux

So, back to Fantasy Faire today, and - although it's been behaving better than I and my clapped-out lappy have any right to expect - I'm still fighting a fair amount of lag around the place!

I must say, though, I should revise my earlier, hasty judgment, and concede that this is at least up to last year's standard, and maybe even a bit better.

I didn't include any shots of the arrival hall itself, last post, so I'd better remedy that....
And this is what it looks like from outside:-

I backtracked a bit, so here's another shot of Jungle Bungle:-
And, then, on to Nu Orne, sponsored by Arcanum, a truly fantastical vision of decaying temples in a lush and fungus-infested jungle...
It's one of those times I miss having a less clapped-out lappy - Tali managed some quite enchanting shots of this place!  I had to settle for what I could manage.
Dawn was just starting to break when I reached the Arcanum store:-
On to The Tides, sponsored by Fallen Gods, a maze of gigantic classical temples in a blue Mediterranean sea...
Impressively clean, sedate, architectural and - hello, who's this?

Perhaps as an antidote to the scads and scads of petite mesh avatars and stuff for them, The Tides was overlooked by a giant.  (I kept thinking of my favourite She-Hulk line, when she gets her clothes shredded down to her FF uniform by a villain's energy blast:  "You stupid jerk!  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find nice things in my size?")  Anyway, this lady seemed to have no problems.

Onwards to Sirens' Secret, sponsored by Booshies, and full of water and mermaid tails.

I was impressed by a lighthouse...

And by the Booshies store....
And by the decorative stuff on the seabed....
But I got a bit too involved with that seabed, it seems, and my next sim crossing found me standing underneath the roadway.
So a report on the last two sims in the Faire will have to wait a while!  You have been warned.

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