Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Loose ends and games

Feeling vaguely deflated after the end of Steam Hunt and the short drived to complete Werewolf In Love (must unpack from that, too!) - kicking my heels and at a loose end, sort of thing.

I shouldn't be.  There is still a very great deal to do over in Caledon Burroughs, where another floor has gone on my tower, but there is still far too much plywood around for my comfort, and a fair amount of detailing left to do.

Also, I need to think about what sort of stuff people can do in the tower; just standing around admiring it isn't nearly enough.  There are, to be sure, some interactive parts already involved; you can fiddle with the generators or settle down with a good book in the library, and there are other odd bits and pieces scattered around.  But I want to come up with something more involving for people to do....

This has had me looking at board games; there was one of those in the steam hunt, and my friend and Steam SkyCity neighbour Sauce Sorrowman makes games, including a very stylish chess set (which Tali has been using to play tunes - a long story, but possibly worth telling at some point).  I've been looking, though, at various forms of mancala games, a style of game common in Africa but rather less well known in Europe and America.  The basic rules are simple enough; it's not so hard to script a simulator for them, even in a slightly peculiar language like LSL.  Actually physically creating a playable board in SL - well, that will call for some thought.  I can do that, I think.  That whole "thought" thing.  Well within my powers.


  1. The problem with board games is finding people to playtest them!

    1. Well, hey, I verified your stalemate checker worked, didn't I? ;)