Saturday, April 14, 2012


The viewer strikes once more... this time, resetting the switch that makes my favourite locations come up on the login screen.  In fact, resetting it twice, since I switched that option on as soon as I noticed it was off - and now it is off again!

The "favourites" thing has been iffy for a while in any case, since one of mine simply didn't appear in the list whether it was on or off.... I'd assumed this had something to do with unexpected characters (parentheses.  I am a parenthesis addict.  I'd seek treatment, but I don't want to be bracketed with the mentally ill) that I had in the name... but, when I added Caledon Burroughs to my favourites, the full list came up.  Briefly.  Before the viewer reset itself.

Anyway - this is becoming annoying!  What other preferences is the viewer going to switch without asking my permission?

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