Saturday, April 7, 2012

And speaking of races...

In the semi-mythical World Outside, that thing called RL where bad avatars go where they log out, the annual Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race was disrupted today, when the boats had to stop to avoid a man swimming across their path.

Now, it is too early to rush to judgment on this incident.  The man could, of course, have been swimming across the Thames for perfectly ordinary reasons - for exercise, say, or out of a desire to ingest raw sewage - and he may have just happened to collide with the boat race in a perfectly innocent manner.

Or he may be one of those Evil Terrorists we are assured are out there, planning to wreck our sporting events, and because of which our noble political protectors need indefinite detention without trial, and trials in secret, and unlimited powers to read our emails and listen to our phone calls, and the Olympics guarded by Royal Navy destroyers, because if such measures are not taken we will have to be re-running boat races all the time, and what would happen then?  Civilization would totter, that's what would happen.

Ahem.  Either of these things could be true, as could others I've not thought of.  But, as I saw this guy on the news, being led away by the police... as I saw the big smug smile on his face, and that general look of "Yay! I have spoiled something for other people, and now everyone is paying attention to me!"... well, my first thought was one simple word:  griefer.  They were in RL first, you know.

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