Friday, April 20, 2012

Progress report

I haven't done a piccy of the tower in a couple of days.  So here it is.  Nearly finished!
Note the presence of the Morgaine sky mountain, indicating just how far up I've had to turn my draw distance to get all of it in.  (I am the small peroxided dot on the water-level jetty, right down at the bottom of the picture, if you were interested.)


  1. My engineer tells me those lower legs are at too flat an angle to support the immense weight. I hope you incorporated some Cavorite into the build.

    1. Really, the main load is borne by the central column, and by the arcane energies of the Actaeon Crystal you can see glowing in the middle there. (The Actaeon Crystal was acquired by Caledon Aether Technology & Steam in an entirely legitimate manner which absolutely did not involve catwomen with ray guns sneaking around at dead of night.)