Sunday, April 29, 2012

Loot and Faces

This is one of the best bits of booty Tali and I scored off the Fantasy Faire hunt - described as "Free Tunic - Violet" from De La Soul.  (The boots aren't included, they're a set from Elvenbreath that I happened to have.  And happen to like, too.)

We were moved to head off to the De La Soul main store, in fact, to see if they had a version in Tali's preferred colours (she is not into blues and violets, they don't really go with her fur).  We spent a while there, looking around, and the conversation got onto personal appearance - as it will tend to do, in a place full of avatar components of all kinds for sale - and onto faces.

Here, I recalled a post here by my friend CronoCloud Creeggan, about the way female avatars are (or, at least can be) presented in SL.... I am a long way from being pouty or chubby-cheeked enough for some tastes, clearly.  Now, there may well be things wrong with my face - in fact, it has been back to the shop a couple of times to panel-beat defects out of it - but most of how it looks is down to my deliberate choices... and that soft-and-dewy-eyed look was one I deliberately chose to avoid.  I went, instead, for a look that goes some way towards suggesting a decent bone structure, the sort of face that might grow old gracefully and look distinguished.  Much more Katharine Hepburn than Marilyn Monroe, that sort of thing.  Tali, too, has strong and definite facial features - partly out of necessity, due to the fur, and the need to approximate feline features, and partly, again, out of personal choice; hers is a face with a very marked character of its own.

Should we both be soft and pouty and dewy-eyed?  I'm not saying that that's wrong, exactly... but there is more than one way to look good, and SaPaDE is not the way I choose to go.  (Is that a word, now?  Sapade?  I shall try to make it one, I think!)

Mind you... when I logged in today, I found myself being pushed to join the Bimbo Cheerleaders' Sorority House.  So evidently some people, at least, don't think I look like Katharine Hepburn.

:: takes her pom-poms and retires ::

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