Saturday, May 5, 2012

An utterly shameless plug

Tali has put her musical spheres and ambient soundtrack generator up on Marketplace.

So it's a shameless commercial - it's also been fascinating for me to see how a real pro goes about it, from the initial idea to the final product, with a lot of cool interludes along the way.  (One development session involved hooking up the sound generator to Sauce Sorrowman's chessboard - oh, what the heck, he deserves a plug too - Sauce Sorrowman's chessboard - and hearing the pattern of pieces on the board being transformed into music from the generator.  Playing chess... as a musical instrument.)

Anyway.  Tali has produced a lot of good stuff, including tools and tutorials available for free from her website... she deserves (at the very least) the feather-light weight of my recommendation added to her products.  (Besides, the thing really is totally cool!)

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