Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trying too hard?

So I TP into a place... that had better remain nameless, I think.

"(name redacted) has invited you to join a group.  There is no cost to join this group.  (details redacted)."

Well, OK, fair enough.  But then I walk ten meters west....

Up pops a dialog box, welcoming me, inviting me to visit a website and join a group (the same group?  Probably.  I didn't check.)  At the same time, an automated object nearby welcomes me, tells me about promotional offers, and also informs me how to apply for a modelling job.

Now, bear in mind I've not even got to the flippin' front door yet...

So I go through the front door... and I wander towards the Midnight and Mini Mania boards... and am hit by another dialog, inviting me to join another group, apparently solely for calling the letters on the Lucky Chairs here.  And one pace further on, I'm hit by the same dialog again... And, in fact, this is an improvement on the last time I was here, because there are four Lucky Chairs, and last time I got a group invite from each one of them.  Not to mention, there are frequently live greeters on duty too....

Yes, yes, you want potential customers in your update group, you want to build brand awareness, you want customers to feel you're aware of them and you value them... You also, at some point, want to just shut the flip up and let us shop.

(If you walk onto the welcome mat at Hebe GBE, you will find it says hello to you and offers you a notecard and a landmark.  And then it shuts up.  You can jump up and down on it as much as you like, and you can deliberately click it to get it to repeat its message... but it won't spontaneously talk to you again until another fifty people have trodden on it.  Irritations like the one I've just described are why I scripted that welcome mat.)

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