Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cheese and Whine

Long-time blogger and resident Botgirl Questi has, according to this NWN article , created a timeline of every controversy ever to afflict SL.

I'm sure it's a fascinating cyber-sociological document.  I'm also sure I can think of few things more depressing!

Just think.  Ms. Questi has assembled 123 incidents, and rising, so far.  And each one was enough to Bring About The Death Of The Grid and End SL As We Know It.  On that basis, SL has more lives than thirteen cats...


  1. Actually, I found the list strangely heartening. I remember living through a lot of these, and some (notably the introduction of the Adult maturity rating and the enforced hegira to Zindra) I honestly felt WOULD mean the End of Second Life. Each, at the time, was the subject of much commotion, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.

    Some of these moves HAVE harmed the virtual economy, notably the demise of gambling and the land glut caused by a combination of the Homestead Sim Fiasco, the Adult Relocation, and the creation of the Linden Home continents.

    Nevertheless, looking back on that list, and seeing where we are today (still muddling along, that is to say), I have to say that SL and its residents are a lot more resilient than we think.

  2. Quite! It makes me positively glow with optimism when I think about it.

    It might be interesting, I suppose, to go through all these and classify them - "Storm In A Teacup", "Residents Being Dicks", "LL Being Dicks", "LL Being Clueless", "Pressure From External Authority"... Trouble is, I suspect I could end up with 123 different categories, so what would be the point?