Saturday, May 26, 2012

I missed one!

Braunworth.  How could I forget that one, for crying out loud?  It's practically on my doorstep in Kuhrang!  And it is, if anything, slightly less badly affected than the other Moderate hubs; I see it on my world map, it still gets people in it.  (Though, apparently, not enough to make the nearby shopping malls an attractive rental proposition.  Lots of empty stores last time I looked.)


  1. People who hang out in Infohubs are noobs, almost by definition...even if they have rezdates far in the past. And noobs have no money. Ergo, it does not pay to put one's shopping mall in a high-noob-traffic area.

    1. Some of the hubs do have regular old-time clientele... at least four hubs I can think of have actual groups for the regulars! Whether those regulars constitute a decent marketing base, now, that's another question - because I am convinced that some hub regulars actually *never leave the hubs*. Not even if there is a shopping mall next door. Why this should be, I don't know... but it does seem to be the case!

      In theory, businesses near a hub should also benefit from the "people get dumped at hubs at random" effect, which ensures a trickle of visitors at all times. In practice, they don't. I suppose they might have done, back in the telehub days, when you had to walk out. But now, when things go wrong and you wind up at an infohub, you just curse under your breath and TP out.